Some people may be skeptical that government grants are real because they seem too good to be true. They do exist and are available, and I have countless happy students who can attest to that. Here’s what you need to know though. Grants exist for a purpose. The reason that the government gives money to individuals, organizations, and small businesses is that the grant funds fulfill a purpose. Although many of us would like to get grant money for a new, shiny sports car to tour the countryside, that’s not how government funding works.

Government grants are awarded for the purpose of satisfying a greater need, often one which helps society. For example, governments give away money to help you get a higher education because out country is better off with educated people. Or you may get a home improvement grant to upgrade your energy efficiency because it’s better for us all to conserve our energy resources. Yet another example is that there are government grants for small businesses because small businesses help the economy thrive, help reduce unemployment, and make stronger communities.

Governments have the money for grants, and you have the ability to carry out the functions that the government needs to make society function well. So, yes, free government grants do exist, and you and the government can join together to put the funding to good use.