Grants are often designated for specific groups of people, and one group that receives many different types of funding are the older members of our society.

One of the most basic needs for a senior is having a safe, secure energy-efficient home. Government grants for real estate (also called government grants for properties in some places). Some of the ways that these needs are met are through housing repair grants (or low-cost loans), free government money for insulation and weatherproofing, rent subsidies, and more.

For older people who may want to seek further education, there may also be government college grants and the opportunity to attend some top universities for free.

There may also be government grant money to help cover other miscellaneous costs, ranging from medical needs to free or subsidized recreational activities. There are often free grants to help pay for groceries too.

One part of a common quote is that the measure of a civilized society is how it treats its oldest citizens. Fortunately, through grant money, we are able to help improve the lives of the elder members of our society.