Jinnette and Lincoln S.
It is our pleasure to let you know that we have successfully applied for and received not only one but two grants just from using your system. For real estate we applied for and received a grant to retrofit one of our houses for $1370 from the Provincial Government. In addition this is being matched equally by the Federal Government! Totaling $2,740.00!! I (Jinnette) am also happy to announce that I was fired from my J.O.B.!!! You may ask why I am happy about that. Well after the initial impact of losing a steady income and interviewing for other J.O.Bs, yet knowing that I would not be happy working for someone else, I again turned to your system and applied for one of the grants. Then I got the best news of my life: that I was accepted to receive not only a grant for approximately $30,000 but also an education and mentoring to help me open and manage my own business. We had never applied for any grants before and on our 1st and 2nd tries we received our 1st and 2nd grants. Guess what we’ll be doing more of. We are extending our sincerest thanks to you for creating this system, it is a must have. We would also like to thank you for always being there to answer our questions and concerns.....THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!