Student loan debt is an increasing problem in the United States. The total amount owed has exceeded $1 trillion, and you may be on the hook for your own little chunk of this huge amount.

These are two of the options you have for your government grants for education. You can either make a plan to get your student loans paid off, or you can explore one of the methods that will get some or all of your loans discharged.

The federal government has created an online tool that will help you choose the best repayment plan. It’s called the Student Debt Repayment Assistant, and you can find it at

You can look up how much you owe and the type of loans you have. Then you can compare which repayment plan will work best for you.

If you’d like to explore how you may have your government education grants discharged, you can visit the Public Service Loan Forgiveness webpage. You may also receive a full or partial discharge of your loan through military service. Another possible way is working as a teacher in an underserved area or teaching a subject that is experiencing a teaching shortage.

The sooner you’re able to pay off your student loan, the better off you’ll be financially, and some of these options may help you with that.