sobcSpecial Olympics BC – Ridge Meadows athletes will benefit from a $21,000 community gaming grant, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows MLA Doug Bing announced Wednesday.

SOBC Ridge Meadows is a non-profit sport organization providing individuals living with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to enhance their lives and celebrate personal achievement through positive sport experiences.

“These sport opportunities provide athletes with far more than the physical benefits of improved health and athletic ability,” local coordinator Lee Miller said. “The participation in sports provides opportunities for athletes to develop social skills, cultivate friendships, strive for and achieve goals, and increase their self-esteem – ultimately enriching lives.”

“Whether athletes choose to pursue their sport on a recreational or competitive level, Special Olympics BC Ridge Meadows provides all athletes with the opportunity to take part in their sport, and develop lifelong skills,” Bing said.

The grant will support SOBC’s variety of sports programs.

Most of our athletes are on a fixed disability pension,” Miller added. “The community gaming grant makes a huge difference to the ability of the local [group] to support the various sports for these individuals, whether it is for new uniforms, sending them to tournaments or securing venues for them to be able to participate in the sports.”

The Community Gaming Grant Program allows non-profit organizations to apply for provincial gaming revenues. In the last fiscal year, the provincial government distributed $135 million worth of government grant to some 5,000 local organizations.

Organizations interested in applying for Community Gaming Grants can find application information and guidelines at

Article from Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times