safety_netMission Australia is a non-denominational Christian community service organisation that has been transforming the lives of Australians in need for more than 150 years. Through their community and employment services they have assisted more than 300,000 Australians by providing a hand up, a way forward, and hope for the future.

The community services that Mission Australia delivers throughout Australia are largely made possible by government grants. Through these government grants, the organisation provides help and support for Australians who are dealing with an issue that makes it difficult or challenging for them to participate normally in society.

Although Mission Australia gets its funding from both government grants and corporate and private donations, it could not operate without its government funding. It’s a good example of a public/private partnership where a government grant is provided so that people who can carry out the work are able to do so in a way that the government itself could not.

The type of services Mission Australia provide include specific services for families and children, early learning, childcare centres, support to prevent and overcome homelessness, education, and skill based training. Mission Australia’s primary focus is in the delivery of services to prevent problems before the start and also to ensure the most sustained possible outcomes to help people become self-sufficient and no longer reliant on service support.  Their belief is that a temporary helping hand will prevent long-term problems. For people who are close to the edge, a little assistance can prevent a downward spiral and entrenched, cyclical poverty-driven troubles.

This is a good use of government grants because spending a little money today to prevent big problems tomorrow, saves money, provides a safety net,  and increases the likelihood of happy lives for more Australians.