One type of government grant that local government like to make available are community grants. They are awarded to neighborhood organizations for the purpose of making the local community safer, cleaner, and more pleasant.

Sometimes, neighborhoods will compete for limited funds by describing how they plan to use the grant money to make an impact on the livability of their area. Sometimes there may be latitude for the groups to think of, and propose, the best use of the funding; in other cases, there may be a specific use or category (such as safety or beautification) in the guidelines.

There are many examples of the ways that community grants have been used for the benefit of the neighborhood. Typically, the funding would be used for purchase supplies, and the local residents volunteer their labor. In your own community, you might do something like plant flowers and trees, fix up and paint the houses of neighbors who may be in need (such as seniors, single parents, or people with disabilities), set up a neighborhood watch patrol, make repairs to common areas, and more.

These government grant programs are a great use of funds because it combines government money with community volunteer efforts to create an outcome that benefits everyone in the neighborhood.