Golden key in keyholeGolden Key encourages its members to dream big, and never, ever stop. The Society not only offers education-based scholarships to make those dreams a reality, but awards for service and leadership achievements, as well. Golden Key grants for education give advisors the opportunity to develop their skills professionally, while the fellowships offer graduate students a once-in-a-lifetime chance to further their knowledge through foundation-backed research. Some scholarships target specific fields of study, allowing members to study alongside those with similar interests. Others focus on countries or regions, affording members the luxury of studying abroad or participating in a faraway internship program.

Golden Key offers $1,000,000 in scholarships and awards each year, including those for both undergrad and graduate students. This is just one of the many ways the Society enables members to realize their potential through the Golden Key legacy never failing commitment to the advancement of academics, leadership, and service.

Have a look at this sampling of testimonial excerpts from recipients of Golden Key Scholarships to see how it helped the educational goals of deserving students:

“It is with great honor and appreciation that I have been selected as a winner of this award. This definitely means a great deal to me as it recognizes my commitment to academics, leadership and community services. It is also a great help to me to complete my Bachelor Degree.”

– NG Xie Li, Monash University – Australia, Spring 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient

“I am humbled and at the same time overcome with joy for being selected as a recipient of the Living the Mission Scholarship. By awarding me a scholarship, Golden Key lightened my financial burden which allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: learning.”

– Jean Vianney Cordeiro, McGill University – Canada, Spring 2014 Living the Mission Award recipient

“Winning this award serves as added motivation to continue doing what I love doing, by making it even easier for me to do so.”

– Curwyn Mapaling, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – South Africa, Spring 2014 Community Service Scholarship Award recipient

“I believe that the Golden Key International Honour Society will allow me to achieve my goal in attaining a Ph.D. With the help of the Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award, I now have the capacity, drive, and fortitude to achieve this goal.”

– Joy Lacanienta, University of Hawaiʻi- USA, Fall 2013 Graduate Scholar Award recipient ($10,000)

“I am so honored and thankful to be the recipient of the Golden Key Fall 2013 Debt Reduction Scholarship. Because of this scholarship, the dream of continuing my education is no longer clouded by a large financial burden. “

– Taylor Godine, Kent State University – USA, Fall 2013 Education Debt Reduction Award recipient ($5,000)

Congratulations to all! I’m happy to help my own students secure education grants and scholarships as well.

Excerpted from the Golden Key Honor Society website at