Our Gold Membership level offers all 15 components you get with the Silver Membership – Gold Package Upgrade Offer:

  • Lesson 1: Grant Basics (Online Manual, Video & Audio Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Getting Started (Online Manual, Video & Audio Lesson)
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Search Tips (Online Manual, Video & Audio Lesson)
  • Lesson 4: Grant Applications & Proposals (Online Manual, Video & Audio Lesson)
  • Lesson 5: Success Tips To Keep The Funding Coming (Online Manual, Video & Audio Lesson)

PLUS… As a GOLD Member, I will also send you a hard copy manual of specific programs currently available in your area, right where you live! You will have at your fingertips the extensive research my team and I have put together for you, specific to your country. You’ll find descriptions of some of the most common and easy-to-apply-for programs.

You will also receive 3 full Audio Programs tailored to your own country, in which I go into a lot of detail explaining a number of programs. I will tell you how they work and provide you with many tips and pointers to help you get funded quickly. You will not get this compilation of valuable, specialized information anywhere else!

My Gold Membership Program is valued at $999 USD, but this entire amazing package is available now for only $97 USD – a 90% discount!

My no hassle pledge: If, after viewing and listening to the first 3 lessons, you don’t feel the lessons are well worth your investment of just $47 USD, then simply call us or email us right away and get a 100% refund – No Questions Asked. (That is 8 full days to evaluate your first 3 Manuals, 3 Videos and 3 Audio Lessons.) However, I am sure you will both LOVE the information you are receiving and–more importantly–begin to gain the knowledge you will need to get a significant amount of Free Grant Money using the techniques I will teach you.

(Note: Gold Membership Program is currently only available in the following countries: USA and Canada.)