Driving can be an expensive proposition, with fuel prices being so high. You may have thought about switching over to a more fuel-efficient vehicle, maybe even a hybrid or an electric car. The big question, though, is whether your gas savings will offset the cost of your new vehicle.

Your decision may be made a little easier when there is a government grant that will help subsidize your new car. Now typically, this is a type of grant money that appears in periodic funding cycles, and may coincide with election years. They are a very popular form of free government money, so an elected official may propose the funding to increase favor with potential voters for re-election.

But so what? It can be used to your benefit, if you just time your buying decisions to coincide with the maximum amount that you can receive in the form of government funding. You’ll get a good deal, which will pay for itself that much sooner. You’ll have a great new car, that’s zippy and fun to drive. Plus, you’ll save money now and down the road. Everyone benefits further too, when we conserve natural resources and cut down on pollution. So start planning your buying decision now, so you can take advantage of this free government money when it comes your way!