Do you want to take your business to where the high demand and eager customers are? Or maybe you’d just like to change the view from your office window?

There may be funding from the Australia government to help you do this. It can be in the form of business grants, tax incentives, hiring credits, training grants, and much more. Now, the reason for these government grants is that there may be a need for economic stimulation in a particular area, so your relocation plans have to be in sync with the needs of the state or territory.

It may also be that your type of business is in demand for a particular region, so you could get a sweet deal to go there. There typically is a requirement that you can show that you will create a certain number of jobs at your new destination to help boost the local economy.

If your company is big enough to have an even more significant impact on an area, you may even receive local business grants or national business grants in the form of development funding or for research and development.

The bottom line is that you can help both your Australian business and your community if you can fulfil a need that the government has for economic growth in a particular region, and you may even get a nice corner office with a great, new view.