Marketing business salesGood marketing is key to the success of most businesses. This is true when you’re just starting out because nobody beyond your circle of family and friends knows about you. It’s also true for existing or long-established businesses. You want to give your current customers and reason to keep coming to you, and you want to attract new business as well.

What is marketing, anyway? We think of it as a mechanism for selling your products and services, but that’s really just one part of an overall marketing plan. It also should include creating a positive corporate identity, managing customer relations in a way that encourages a future, ongoing business relationship, and identifying your target market. There are even more layers to the big picture of marketing, but that illustrates that there’s more than just getting someone to make a buying decision.

Most of us started in business without a very good idea of an effective marketing strategy. The typical case is an entrepreneur who wants to do too much and be all things to all people. Business experts will tell us to focus on a market segment and tailor our messaging accordingly.

Do you have any idea how to do that? If not, you’re in good company with lots of others who are starting businesses. There’s a solution, though. Thanks to government grant-funded business centers, experts are on hand to give you valuable advice and help you craft a strategy. The services are typically free or low-cost, and you can find a business center in most cities and regions in the United States.

Why would there be government grants for something that benefits a private entrepreneur, anyway? Well, the government recognizes the importance of small businesses. The value of the money they allocate for government grants have a multiplicative effect. Thriving small businesses strengthen communities, stimulate the economy, and increase tax revenues.

Since they have a real interest in seeing entrepreneurs like you succeed, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide some expert advice that provides a little boost to the entrepreneurial drive and hard work of a small business owner. The government grant-funded small business centers are a cost-effective way to help many entrepreneurs at a reasonable cost. Help with marketing is just one of the many important services the offer. If you think that your business could use a boost (and whose couldn’t), then take advantage of your government grant dollars at work, and visit the friendly, professional advisors at your local business center.