Post-secondary education can be one of the largest expenses we will face in our lives, second only to buying a house. Fortunately, we do not necessarily need to pay the entire amount out of pocket. You may be able to get free money for tuition, and sometimes also books, supplies, and living expenses.

Governments, both federal and state/provincial, are potential sources of funding. Having an educated populace is an advantage to a community, so money is allocated to help citizens attain higher education.

Another great resource is scholarships. There are many out there, and not all require outstanding academic achievement. Some are specifically for niche categories. You may qualify just by being a member of a particular organization, of a given ethnicity, in a specific field of study, or even having a trait such as being left-handed.

Be sure that you have exhausted your sources of free money before you seek student loans, and you may be able to start your professional life without a large student loan debt hanging over your head.