Can Home Schooled Students Get College Scholarships-Grant Fundiing ExpertSome parents make the decision that they want to homeschool their kids. If you decide to do so, you’ll want to check into how this will affect your child’s college scholarship opportunities. We’re going to look at some questions you need to ask and some research you should do. Then in the next article we’ll take a look at 10 sample scholarships that homeschoolers are eligible for.

If you are a college bound homeschooler, or parent of a college bound homeschooler, this is some basic advice for your college scholarships search.

First, the same colleges that seek out homeschoolers also award generous scholarships to homeschoolers. In addition to academic scholarships awarded to all accepted college bound students by the institutions, there are also homeschool foundations that a homeschooler should go to if they need scholarship money. These scholarships can be academic or sports oriented.

Next, are homeschoolers eligible for state funded scholarships given to public school students? In states that offer scholarships to all college students who had a good GPA in high school, there may be restrictions for homeschoolers. For example in Georgia, a homeschooler must finish his or her first year of college before being eligible for the state HOPE scholarship. After getting the required grades in their freshman year at college, they will get the HOPE scholarship, including a retroactive year.

What can your homeschooler do to get a scholarship? Homeschoolers can make sure they have a unique high school experience that will attract colleges and the scholarship committees. They need to be involved in the community. They need to active in sports. They need to demonstrate that they are strong leaders. They need to spend time out in the world creating a unique résumé. It would not hurt to have had a job or two or even to have started an entrepreneurial business. In addition to being active in the world around them, homeschoolers need to spend time searching scholarship and grant archives and applying for any scholarship whose requirement they fit. The more you apply for, the better chances you have of scoring one… or several.

In the next article, we’ll take a look at ten great education grants and scholarships that you can apply for as a homeschooler.

(Portions of this article were written by D. Lauraine.)