moving-to-australia-guideRelocation government grants will be offered to up to 600 workers, to move to areas of mining or farming labour shortages in Australia. Apprentices and some skilled workers will be offered payments to help them move to regional areas to take up vacant jobs in industries like farming and mining.

This government grant is a result of the federal government modifying the existing Connecting People with Jobs program, to extend it for another year.

Job seekers who relocate for ongoing work or an apprenticeship may be able to get practical and financial help from the Australian Government. For now, though, a wage subsidy may also be available for employers who take on a relocating job seeker in ongoing work.

Wage subsidies for regional employers will be scrapped from July, but up to 600 job-seekers will be offered money to assist with relocation expenses. So how big a government grant can you expect to receive, and what can you use it for?

The relocation government grants will be $4,500 for individuals and $6,500 for workers with families. Through the program, Job Services Australia (JSA) and Disability Employment Services (DES) providers reimburse job seekers or make payments on their behalf for a wide range of relocation costs including goods and services to prepare for a move; travel expenses (including removalists’ costs); temporary accommodation support and mentoring to help people settle in to their new communities.

“The Australian Government knows how important apprentices are to the future of high-skill industries. And we know how hard it can be for businesses such as farms and mines in rural and remote parts of Australia to attract skilled workers,” Employment Minister Bill Shorten said.

The Budget also continues funding for 20 local employment co-ordinators in areas of labour market shortages, and for holding another 10 jobs and skills expos across Australia next financial year. Thanks to government grants, employers can fill vacancies, industry can prosper, and job seekers can find good work. It’s a win for many Australians.


(Information for this article was partly derived from ABC News and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations website)