Artists in Australia, you have reason to rejoice. You can focus on your artistic vision instead of worrying how you’ll fund your craft. Fortunately, in Australia, there are government grants at the state, territorial, and local level, in addition to private organisations and foundations supporting artists.

There are some useful resources where you can get started to see which government grants and private grants there are for your particular medium. A good place to start is Australia Council for the Arts. You can also search the arts section of the Australia government website. In addition to these, be sure that you check your own state/territory, city, and regions for how to find grant money as well. Particularly if an area is going to be having an arts festival or exhibition, they are likely to provide funding to attract talent and smooth the way for many exhibitors to participate.

No matter whether your field is film, television, cultural heritage, painting, sculpting, dance, Aboriginal art, and more, the Australian government and private benefactors recognise the importance of artistic expression all across Australia, and they have made government grant funding and other funding available to all kinds of artists.